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New home page

Post by Timmer »

I do believe Gerald has been at work on the home page. Seems all new. I note that we now have a "Forum" and the old term "Messages" has been deprecated. That's a Good Thing.

I also like the document with the diagram showing how Ruby had five hits at the same time. Good work!

Bernie Burgess
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Re: New home page

Post by Bernie Burgess »

I would like to echo Timmer's remarks regarding the new Home Page, it's brilliant. I sincerely hope that other members will comment on the change and recognize the work that Gerald has put into it's creation. Well done Gerald!

Gerald Lawrence
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Re: New home page

Post by Gerald Lawrence »

Thank you Timmer and Bernie for your kind words. This is one of my own favourites which I used for the Diamond Anniversary Year of 2015, so it was a pleasure to get it out again and change a few things to make it relevant to today.

Interestingly for me, the Heartbeat record and picture did not appear at first, so I had to figure out what the problem was. In the end I copied the way I had done Softly, Softly and was delighted to find that it all now works.

The next major Anniversary will be in 2020 which is a Sapphire Anniversary so I will have to get my thinking cap on for that!

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