The Meeting of the Waters

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Gerald Lawrence
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The Meeting of the Waters

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This has always been a favourite of mine and Ruby sings it not only very sweetly with lots of emotion for the lovely countryside, but meets the challenge of it changing key upwards several times without any hesitation.

Well, I have just watched a BBC recording I made of Michal Portillo making a train journey in Ireland, which was broadcast on the 5th March. In it, he alights from the train at Arklow and heads to the vale of Avoka where indeed two rivers do come together in "the meeting of the waters". There is a memorial plaque shown which is a tribute to the composer of both melody and lyrics, Thomas Moore, an Irishman who was also a great poet. On the plaque are two verses from the song.

After discussing the history of the song, and that of the composer, he then proceeds along the bank where a trio consisting of a singer with guitar, an Irish pipe player and a violinist give a very charming performance of the song. A joy to watch and listen to!

Bernie Burgess
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Re: The Meeting of the Waters

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I looked this up on the internet and was amazed by the vast number of Ruby's records on the site - A delight to behold!

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