Happy Christmas 2018!

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Gerald Lawrence
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Happy Christmas 2018!

Post by Gerald Lawrence »

Well, the snow Christmas Home Page is back, even if a little late this year, because it has become a tradition that I replace the one we have had all year with this one. You can no doubt tell from the design that it was one of the first I ever did, when Timmer very politely asked me if I would like to take over the responsibility for keeping the website up to date. I dread to think how many years I have been doing that, but it is always for me a labour of love. We didn't have wide screen monitors in those days, which is why the main body of the page is 4:3 shape. One of the reasons the home page has dark borders is because at this time of the year, we cannot help but remember the passing of our dear Ruby on the 17th December, now 22 years ago. But what I always do is celebrate her life by playing some of her recordings around that day.

Older fans will remember how the snow used to fall on Ruby's shoulders on this Home Page, and fill up the spaces between the letters. Sadly the ever presence of hackers on the internet caused a banning a few years ago of the kind of software that I used to make that happen. I don't think today's browsers would allow it, even if I could get it to work again!

So let me wish all followers and fans of Ruby a Merry Christmas, and a Happy and Peaceful Year for 2019.

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Re: Happy Christmas 2018!

Post by Jk »

Nice to see the Christmas page again. Thanks Gerald.

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Re: Happy Christmas 2018!

Post by guider »

Gerald, you say Ruby Passed on the 17th yet the homepage says she passed on the 16th, one needs correcting I think. Whichever the date it felt (and still does feel) like the day I lost my Best Friend. I have always Loved ruby and always will. May she RIP as she deserves to. So glad i had the chance to thank her for all the pleasure her singing gave me.

Best wishes

Bernie Burgess
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Re: Happy Christmas 2018!

Post by Bernie Burgess »

l am posting on the anniversary of the sadest day of my life - December 17th. 1996 the passing of my 'Precious Gem', the love of my life. Happily the Internet still provides us all with a constant stream of data about dear RUBY, long may this continue. I'd like to think that some of the younger generations are latching on to Ruby's music thereby boosting the inevitable dwindling of the more senior fans amongst us.
I'd like to wish all of Ruby's Friends/Fans a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year. - Berrnie...

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