Fashion Item For The Ladies

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Fashion Item For The Ladies

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Taken From Picturegoer May 12th 1956

Title.......Design For Dressing...By Barbra Taylor
Ruby Still Shuns The Mink.

Ruby Murray,the girl next door with the £33,000 a year voice,is just back from a whirlwind trip through the United States.We met at her welcome home reception and discussed clothes and the New York shops.She looked more demure than ever as she admitted to me "I bought two bathing suits while I was there.
I couldn't resist them....they were so pretty,but I don't know when I'll wear them."...Her favourite of the two is in satin,covered all over with white lace.It has white lace frills across a strapless bodice and sounds as if it is for sun bathing only.
Ruby told me that she loves the New York shops,but merely had time to buy accessories.She brought a collection of scarves and a shortie nightie.
The famous Irish dress designer Sybil Connolly sent Ruby an evening dress in black linen specially for her twenty first birthday.
Ruby is likely to keep her simple taste in clothes.Asked when she was buying a mink coat she laughed and said"Oh goodness I don't know that I want one.

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