Ruby on BBC Radio 4

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Ruby on BBC Radio 4

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Thanks to an alert from David Frankish just 10 minutes before the programme started, I was able to catch Ruby on Radio 4 yesterday. It was in a programme telling the story of curry in Britain, under the title "Ruby Murray: The Secret Story of Curry". The Radio Times also carries a few words about the programme. I managed to record it, and when the upload problem has been fixed, I will upload it to the Library.

In the meantime, anybody with a PC can listen again on the BBC iPlayer service for the next 6 days only. Here is a link to the page where you can find it - Of course there is not very much about Ruby, but they do explain who she was, how her name came into Cockney rhyming slang, and they play an extract from Softly, Softly. They also end the programme with a short extract from "Ain't that a grand and glorious feeling".

I know we would all rather have a programme about Ruby, but at least those who listened now know who she was.

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