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Lyrics sent to me for posting by MrFizzy, I'M sure you will all enjoy these, Thank you for sharing them with us. John Kendall 26-JAN-2011 404.5 KB doc
"If We Only Had Old Ireland Over Here" from Ralph Lortie Gerald Lawrence 11-MAY-2008 24.5 KB doc
"Come Back, Paddy Reilly" from Ralph Lortie Gerald Lawrence 11-MAY-2008 25.5 KB doc
Scarlet Ribbons John Kendall 03-NOV-2007 27.0 KB doc
Courtin' In The Kitchen John Kendall 01-NOV-2007 29.0 KB doc
How Can You Buy Killarney John Kendall 30-OCT-2007 26.5 KB doc
Teddy O'Neil John Kendall 29-OCT-2007 25.0 KB doc
Endearing Young Charms John Kendall 29-OCT-2007 23.5 KB doc
The The Meeting Of The Waters John Kendall 29-OCT-2007 27.0 KB doc
ISLE OF INNISFREE (as sung by Ruby Murray) John Kendall 27-OCT-2007 26.0 KB doc