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The Very First Christmas Of All Sent By MrFizzy John Kendall 27-JAN-2011 336.4 KB jpg
GoodBye Jimmy Good Bye Sent By MrFizzy John Kendall 27-JAN-2011 259.0 KB jpg
Living For The Day Brian Henson 02-MAR-2009 26.0 KB jpg
The sheet music of Never Never Land (kindly supplied by Graham Bunn) Gerald Lawrence 11-JAN-2007 45.0 KB jpg
A signed copy of "O'Malley's Tango" kindly submitted by Mark Willerton Gerald Lawrence 20-AUG-2006 44.0 KB jpg
Lucky Star sheet music cover Brian Henson 15-MAY-2005 23.6 KB jpg
Mark Willerton has kindly sent me a copy of the somewhat rare sheet music for "Boy Meets Girl". He has asked me to put it here with in his words "with my love and thanks to Ruby for her music" Gerald Lawrence 19-MAR-2005 190.8 KB jpg
Get Well Soon, another one from Mark Willerton Gerald Lawrence 14-FEB-2005 42.3 KB jpg
Happy Days and Lonely Nights - this was kindly sent to me by Mark Willerton of the Burtey Fen Collection Gerald Lawrence 14-FEB-2005 55.5 KB jpg
It's The Irish In Me Brian Henson 13-JAN-2005 17.7 KB jpg