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Bernie and friend attending Ruby's grave December 2017 Gerald Lawrence 08-DEC-2017 44.0 MB wmv
Ruby and Bernie in Puss in Boots Gerald Lawrence 27-MAY-2011 45.4 MB wmv
The Duke Special interview on UTV Gerald Lawrence 29-JAN-2011 27.5 MB wmv
First part of directions to crematorium, by Bernie Gerald Lawrence 06-JAN-2011 5.7 MB wmv
A short drive to the crematorium - video by Bernie Gerald Lawrence 19-DEC-2010 4.8 MB wmv
An interview with Peter Noble about "Touch of the Sun" Gerald Lawrence 17-FEB-2007 3.0 MB wmv
Tim and Julie who??? Sandy 19-JAN-2007 5.1 MB wmv
Softly Softly Sandy 19-JAN-2007 4.6 MB wmv
Murray Early Years Sandy 19-JAN-2007 7.4 MB wmv
Ruby in recording studio Sandy 19-JAN-2007 4.4 MB wmv