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Timmer's mom Timmer 17-APR-2017 108.8 KB jpg
Bernie tidying up the gravestone Gerald Lawrence 07-NOV-2016 278.4 KB gif
Ruby's gravestone after the tidying up was done Gerald Lawrence 07-NOV-2016 216.1 KB gif
Keith's car that they went to Torquay in. Gerald Lawrence 07-NOV-2016 202.7 KB gif
Bernie's friend Keith, crematorium 2016 Gerald Lawrence 07-NOV-2016 207.4 KB gif
A photo found by Graham Bunn - it is believed it could be a very early one when she was appearing in the show Yankee Doodle Barney Gerald Lawrence 04-NOV-2016 135.8 KB jpg
A photo found by Graham Bunn Gerald Lawrence 04-NOV-2016 125.0 KB jpg
Ruby in the Yankee Doodle Blarney Show John Kendall 02-NOV-2016 135.8 KB jpg
Ruby & Julie. From Graham Bunn John Kendall 02-NOV-2016 125.0 KB jpg
Ruby's visit to Aden 1964 John Kendall 01-NOV-2016 28.5 KB jpg