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Photo-shoot 2 Gerald Lawrence 23-DEC-2003 20.8 KB jpg
Photo-shoot 1 Gerald Lawrence 23-DEC-2003 31.8 KB jpg
Taken at Weymouth after the show John Kendall 19-DEC-2003 177.1 KB jpg
Ruby At Weymouth John Kendall 19-DEC-2003 146.7 KB jpg
Another nice glamour shot. Gerald Lawrence 18-DEC-2003 18.4 KB jpg
A black and white version of the "pink picture". Gerald Lawrence 18-DEC-2003 19.9 KB jpg
In a dressing room applying her makeup. Gerald Lawrence 15-DEC-2003 67.8 KB jpg
A nice pretty dress Gerald Lawrence 15-DEC-2003 34.4 KB jpg
Reading a Nursery Rhyme Book Gerald Lawrence 15-DEC-2003 32.1 KB jpg
Playing the piano for a young fan. Gerald Lawrence 07-DEC-2003 68.4 KB jpg