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Preparing the Ulster Hall foyer Gerald Lawrence 13-APR-2006 160.7 KB gif
Oops! Looks like we stood in the wrong order! Gerald Lawrence 13-APR-2006 214.2 KB gif
Tim, Sandy, Frank, Gerald, Bernie and John at City Hall gates. Gerald Lawrence 13-APR-2006 193.1 KB gif
Julie, Sandy, Frank, Gerald, Bernie, John at the City Hall Gates Gerald Lawrence 13-APR-2006 211.1 KB gif
At the end of the day Sandy 11-APR-2006 836.5 KB jpg
Rosemary, Gerald, Sandy, Bernie & Frank Sandy 11-APR-2006 138.7 KB jpg
Tim & Julie interview Sandy 11-APR-2006 108.3 KB jpg
Tim, Julie & Petchuno Sandy 11-APR-2006 82.2 KB jpg
Marie Murphy interview Sandy 11-APR-2006 128.9 KB jpg
Crush outside Ulster Hall Sandy 11-APR-2006 145.5 KB jpg