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Taken At The Pathe Film.-'Bambino John Kendall 07-JUN-2008 44.7 KB jpg
Host of Stars - Blackpool 1960 John Kendall 07-JUN-2008 77.0 KB jpg
Ruby In Dressing Room At The Hulme Hippodrome John Kendall 07-JUN-2008 47.8 KB jpg
Ruby & Tommy Steele John Kendall 07-JUN-2008 40.4 KB jpg
An early picture of Ruby during her Irish touring days, from Bernie Burgess. Gerald Lawrence 18-MAY-2008 155.9 KB jpg
Ruby's Portrait Painting Gerald Lawrence 19-OCT-2007 185.5 KB jpg
Bernie with oil painting of Ruby Sandy 18-OCT-2007 106.6 KB jpg
Ruby and Bernie on their wedding day Gerald Lawrence 22-AUG-2007 266.1 KB gif
A new photograph of Ruby's Memorial Stone in Torquay taken in March 2007 Gerald Lawrence 04-APR-2007 90.5 KB jpg
A Nice Head-and-shoulders shot of Ruby, kindly provided by Mark Willerton. Gerald Lawrence 10-SEP-2006 28.6 KB jpg